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Roadmap Planner is now part of Goals by KeepSolid
Build Strategy Roadmaps Smarter | Faster | Together | on Any Device

Work both offline and online

Appearing offline and still be able to work on your strategic plan is possible with Roadmap Planner. With this planning software, you can get your major workflows done on a high quality level even without internet access. The next time you go on a plane, or train, or anywhere life might take you, do not forget to bring your work with you.

The offline option, allows you to manipulate, perform, create, complete particularly difficult or rewarding tasks on-the-go as you come up with a great idea. Check your notifications, updates, and teammates collaboration later online.

Be ahead of your competitors

With Roadmap Planner, you can add, edit, remove tasks and other items in a highly logical manner with inhuman efficiency. Now you are able to move your company forward, performing other important business activities, while your competitors are still struggling with the preliminary tasks, as they cannot perform the work during a road trip.

During the offline work you can:

  • Accurately manage multiple projects
  • Instantly update your plan
  • Сreate new projects and tasks
  • Сhange the priority of works
  • Set milestones and dependencies
  • Use the backlog option
  • Export the data to a PDF, image, or outline and print it
  • Customize your document for different audience
  • Present your vision to stakeholders and customers in a visually appealing way

Expect much more to come!

What happens when you get offline?

You will simply see a notification alert message, telling you that you do not have the internet connection. However, it does not mean you have to stop working. Quite the opposite, you still can continue to plan your steps to the strategic goal, and prioritize your tasks in a way which streamlines your workflow and makes your life easier. The minute you get back from offline or after connectus interuptus, changes will be automatically synchronized with other devices and collaborators.

We know how important the offline mode of access is to all our customers. This option is part of our goal to introduce more perspectives to make your work uninterrupted, without abandoning and putting off your tasks.

Try it now, and let us know the cases when the offline option was useful for you.

Try it now