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One tool for all your strategic roadmaps

Successful products do not succeed just because they are built with a great number of features, they succeed because they solve users’ problems in the best way possible. The Roadmap Planner software is one of such products. It is the perfect solution to a successful businessman, who wants to make his companies even more prosperous. The key feature of the app is its ability to present the broad picture of a number of strategic plans in one document. A business owner can either present the entire strategic vision of his enterprises in one roadmap, or create different documents for each of his businesses to determine their strategic direction. It does not matter whether you own one or more companies, Roadmap Planner will help you to accurately organize your way to the strategic goals for each particular enterprise.

Why a business owner needs a roadmap?

  • A roadmap shows the strategic direction with a list of strategic priorities for each business unit.
  • A roadmap presents the timeline for the strategic initiatives that will occur in the next several years with approximate start and end dates, as well as with the duration of the strategic tasks.
  • This strategic document simplifies the planning process. The business owner does not have to keep in mind all his strategic ideas and plans anymore. He can easily organize them within the strategic roadmap, or keep all ideas in the backlog, and promote the ones that matter to a roadmap when the time is due.
  • A roadmap can be easily shared with team members, investors or other stakeholders to improve the planning process of the strategic initiatives, and to discuss the strategic vision.
  • It helps to structure the communication between the business owner and senior management of his enterprises to keep everyone on the same track, and accurately follow the strategic direction.

How can a business owner use roadmaps?

  • Roadmap Planner allows the business owner to quickly react to the market changes through the adjustment of the roadmap on the ongoing basis. The map will guide owner’s business to find the shortest and less risky route between the current state and the future strategic direction.
  • The key project managers in each of the owner’s enterprises will be able to plan resources and costs for the implementation of strategic initiatives ahead through a simple overview of the long term strategy, reflected in the roadmap.
  • The owner can create a separate roadmap for each of his businesses, facilitating the investment discussions with prospective investors and functional executives. Roadmap Planner will help the business owner understand how to balance the investment and project priorities, and provide a way to visualize tradeoffs for his entire business.
  • Through the Share option or the Presentation mode, the owner can share strategic roadmaps with PM’s, and translate it to other key team members. This will help everyone involved to understand the strategic priorities for the whole enterprise.
  • The owner or the team members, he shared the roadmap with, can easily manage it, always keeping the document competitive. This will result in much better executive alignment within each company before starting any particular strategic initiative.
  • Roadmap Planner will help the owner to ensure that his strategic steps are clear to all the members of his company. As a consequence, everyone will understand the final destination, and the teams will competently move towards it.

Get Roadmap Planner right away, and bring a long-term success to your businesses with a smart approach to strategic planning.

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