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Roadmap Planner is now part of Goals by KeepSolid
Build Strategy Roadmaps Smarter | Faster | Together | on Any Device

Expand the boundaries of your planning experience

How many times have you asked yourself about what is coming up next? Without having the whole picture of your project, it is easy to miss your deadlines and fail to succeed in a long-term perspective. The best remedy here is to add a smart timeline to your pages to protect your project from any potential derailment, and give your team a single-source to visualize what it is about. This will be a preemptive action that has to be taken to make sure there is no any misinterpretation among all the concerned parties.

We would like to introduce a new and more useful perspective for the Roadmap Planner app designed to help you and your team achieve and develop a fitting resolution for 2017 and beyond. Roadmap Planner is very useful for creating light-weight product and team roadmaps, as well as establishing timelines that you have whiteboarded. This is a top-notch productivity solution that allows you to easily build your strategy, instantly react to any market changes, and accurately track the performance of each step on the way to success.

Apply strategic thinking to your projects to reach your goals

The process of putting together a digital version of the timeline is now easier both visually and in terms of attitude. Conduct your business agendas using task-to-task communication, managing the backlog items and utilizing markers for dates deliverables and milestones before a bottleneck forms. Click, drag and drop, resize, rename, and move elements around with your cursor as you are contemplating a plan.

Roadmap Planner is not just for roadmaps it also involves team projects oriented around marketing planning solutions, concept development, or cross functional strategy. This utility allows you to work on multiple projects at the same time and create connections between tasks, keeping your team updated about forthcoming tasks.

Roadmap Planner is simple enough to understand and appreciate easily. You can format a document into existing templates of some common business processes such as a Brand Creation, Market Segmentation, or Strategic Planning, or you can start your document from scratch.

Create long-term plans for multiple projects without dealing with complex tools

In the document, you can create one or more projects to do along with your terms and needs. Each project may contain multiple tasks customized the same way as the project they belong to. You can assign a description, a start or finish date and duration in the edit panel or right in the document. Easily set dependencies between tasks under one or different projects.In this case, the team will proceed with the dependent task when the first one is accomplished.

Use a backlog option to hold your activities in reserve for future use. Drag backlog items to the appropriate project when you are ready to schedule them, prioritizing tasks in a sprint.

When the tasks are nearly to complete the scheduled distance, the full-screen visualization with zoom controls will let you discuss with your team and stakeholders what will be the next step, and instantly make amendments to the plan if needed. All these features will help you to make every project take no longer than it should.

What are you waiting for? Get Roadmap Planner right away, and drive your company to success.

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