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Roadmap Planner is now part of Goals by KeepSolid
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Create and manage as many projects as you wish within one document

One of the things we love most about Roadmap Planner that makes it useful and versatile is a capability of planning multiple projects simultaneously. Still identifying and considering the most important projects to work on in different spreadsheets or sticky notes? It is the right time to change this resource-consuming way of action. With Roadmap Planner, you can visualize all your projects in one document, and actually work on them as a unified whole.

Coming along in multiple assignments, projects, or tasks, each team member can capture information from his own perspective. But the ability to work together on the same piece of work allows to agree on a common vision of the end product, and move towards it with collective whole behaviour.

Focus on the real work

Getting ready for a meeting means spending long periods of time composing large emails that contain a lot of copy and pasting from various email threads. This typically results in failing to meet promised schedules because of the fuss and last-minute changes. All these processes are progressively built up to enormous proportions that contribute nothing to the actual discussion.

Roadmap Planner enables you to instantly create an appropriate document that will present the coherent whole. Here you can add the required number of projects and tasks, and sort them into the order you are going to discuss them or by ranking.

Working on multiple projects at the same time becomes easier with our productivity app. Share the document with the concerned employees, by joint efforts, you will more accurately manage current tasks and backlog items. You may also find any uncertainty in the set tasks, which is possible in group projects, and correct it timely. Everyone is now on the same page with a clear understanding on what product the company stands for and where things are.

Cross-teaming and prioritization

When a team works together, you can form a synergistic relationship by leveraging the talent from each other. However, there are some tasks that are deemed to be too difficult in stature at a certain point in time, or do not fall under the scope of each and everyone. But the work has to be done in a time frame, with Roadmap Planner you can track which tasks are not properly or completely built or finished, and reallocate resources to reach the goal. It allows each member to set priorities right according to the schedule, without accidental duplicating the effort or making irrelevant improvements.

The Roadmap Planner always delivers an updated schedule in real time to reflect changes in priority, making forward progress on occupational tasks without going backwards.

What are you waiting for? Get Roadmap Planner right away, and drive your company to success.

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