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Create your business vision in 1-2-3

Roadmap Planner is a top-notch productivity software, which helps you to focus on the most important steps of your strategic plan. It enriches your strategic vision through the well-developed presentation of your plan without special focus on routine details of each project. The primary goal of your strategic roadmap is the visualization of your goals in the long-term perspective. You can easily see the strategic direction of your organization for 2, 5 or 10 years ahead, and share your vision with all key stakeholders. Roadmap Planner simplifies the whole planning process, and helps to understand at which point of the execution you currently are, what was already left behind, and how to move forward.

Identify your vision and strategic goals

Roadmap Planner allows you to easily get through several important steps on the road to your business success. The first step is to identify the overall vision and the top strategic goals of your business. Its primary aim is to offer you a better understanding of the overall direction of every company, as well as the success metrics that you want to achieve. You can simply outline the initiatives for each company, and share the results to stakeholders and colleagues involved in the process. This approach will help to create a consistent strategy, and keep the teams of every organization focused on the strategic direction.

Prioritize the key initiatives

Usually, every organization has a long list of initiatives it is required to work on within its strategic plan. It is very important to prioritize this list of initiatives to achieve the strategic goals. One way to do this is to rank all the initiatives, according to their value in the backlog, and afterwards choose the ones which will be reflected in your roadmap with special timelines and responsible team members. Remember, your strategic roadmaps have to include only those initiatives, which are crucial for the long-term strategic direction.

Link the tactical steps with the strategic initiatives

When each key initiative within your strategic plan is defined and visualized in your roadmaps, it is easy to identify tactical steps to map out the required timelines and dates for the important decisions. It is important to have a clear picture of your strategic goals and tactical steps, as it allows you to instantly respond to any changes in the business environment, making necessary corrections in your documents.

Visualize your roadmap

When your key initiatives and tactical steps are identified, it is the right time to present your strategy to your partners. This collaboration should enrich the strategic vision of the organization, and keep everyone on the same page. Moreover, the strategic roadmap will help to identify the duties of each team member, and show his potential contribution to the strategic decisions. The visualization of your roadmap to the team members will make them clearly understand the strategic direction of the organization. This will result in the increased efficiency of their efforts and the overall workflow.

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