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The simplest way to share your roadmap

Getting ready for a conference, and want to show your product to the best advantage? It is easy to perform with Roadmap Planner and its well-developed Export feature. This planning utility allows you to adapt your plan to any purpose and different audience. Moreover, each team member either CEO, project manager, or developer can customize the roadmap according to his tasks and needs, and export it to a PDF, image, or outline. Now the document is ready to be inserted into a report or published online, or shared with stakeholders.

Below we have listed some options that are available for you to get the most preferable appearance of your exported document.

Choose only required projects

The Export feature allows each member of the team to choose only the required projects of the roadmap, and export them to a new document. This document, whether it is exported to a PDF file or an image, can now be shared with the relevant parties. Developers can prepare a report to a PM, visualizing their results, and C-level managers can showcase to stakeholders the ideas on how they are going to continue further development of the product. Also the exported document can be published online to get valuable feedback from customers.

Specify your timelines

With Roadmap Planner, you can also set the preferable timeline of the document that you are going to export to a PDF or an image. It means that you can easily display the time period of your choice. For the target customers, you can choose a 1-year period to present your plans on implementing new features. For partners, you may need to display the strategy for the next five or ten years. It is not necessary to create different roadmaps for these purposes. Instantly adjust your document according to all your needs with the Export feature.

Track the updates

Moreover, the Export feature allows you to track how your roadmap has changed through the years. Export the current data to an outline before any major amendment, and save it so you will always have a record of all the versions of your document. In case you want to import existing outlines to Roadmap Planner to quickly start your new document, it is instantly possible with the Import feature.

Use a flexible format

Choose the right format for the exporting of your documents within the easy and convenient Export feature. You can select a PDF, JPG, PNG, or Outline format for the exporting of your strategic plan or the results of the accomplished work, and presenting it in a visually appealing way. Roadmap Planner offers even more options to instantly customize, arrange, and display your beautiful roadmaps.

Want to try them all? Download this top-notch app for absolutely free, and enjoy your improved planning process.

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