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The easiest way to communicate your strategy

A visual presentation of your strategic plan is the most effective way to communicate where your organization is now and where it plans to be in future. Roadmap Planner offers you a high-quality presentation feature that allows you to display a big strategic picture to all the concerned parties in an appealing way. Roadmap Planner makes your idea clear and easy to grasp. Now it is simple to understand at which point of the execution you currently are, what has been already accomplished, and how to move forward.

Bring the strategy back to your focus

Communication and cooperation are the essential elements for any organization to achieve the strategic goals. However, each project may involve a lot of stakeholders and partners who might have different perception of the project’s goals and results. Thus, it is important to justify their influence in the strategic management planning, as well as the role of each engaged party in communication planning.

While dealing with administrative questions, you can simply lose your focus from the strategy. Roadmap Planner will help you to avoid such scenario. With its Presentation Mode, this planning software will bring your strategy back to you and all the participants in a smart way. This focused and visualized approach to the main points ensures that your organization will benefit a lot, maintaining a competitive position in your business segment.

Merge all your ideas in one document

In case, you are not ready to introduce the whole document, use the Presenter View option that allows you to broadcast only selected data. This will change the entire flow of your meetings, as they will become more dedicated, focused, and productive. You can easily showcase your strategic plan for a year, five, or ten years scope, depending on the goals of your presentation and the requirements of the stakeholders. The Presentation feature of Roadmap Planner is a unique tool due to its ability to merge multiple ideas together and visualize them at once.

Get more benefits with Roadmap Planner

To summarize all the abovementioned, here are some of the main benefits that you will get with Roadmap Planner and its high quality Presentation feature:

  • A fullscreen presentation during meetings in a visually appealing way
  • Transparency of your strategy – A big picture that makes your idea clear to everyone
  • Optimization of the meetings – A well-developed presentation of the plan reduces time for its discussion
  • Document customization for different audience segments – Make your presentation eye-catching, and highlight the important points with different colors. Also, choose what part of your strategic plan you will showcase to your colleagues, investors and customers
  • Easy exporting of the strategic plan to a PDF file or an image for sharing with stakeholders and customers, or inserting into different presentations

Want to try this outstanding Presentation feature? Download Roadmap Planner for macOS or iOS, and enjoy a full-featured 21-day trial for absolutely FREE.

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