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The term “roadmap” is directly related to the strategic planning, as it gives an extended look at the future of a chosen project, clearly outlining the final destination. It is a reliable guidance on where to start, how to proceed, and by what means to achieve certain goals.

A roadmap has 3 major uses:

  1. It offers you a stable framework to negotiate with your team a set of processes required to achieve objectives of the company;
  2. A roadmap clearly visualizes the complete plan, letting you forecast further steps;
  3. You are able to accurately track the performance of tasks, and coordinate the resources.

Where a Roadmap Fits?

Whether you need to organize your personal plans, or you are ready to develop a strategy for your company, or structure all your ideas for further releases of your product, a well-built roadmap will easily help you to identify every step towards your objective.


Roadmaps allow managers to organize all business processes in a structured form, express certain measurable goals and objectives for the company, and articulate a strategy on one page. Say goodbye to all those spreadsheets and sticky notes. As a roadmap is considered to be a reliable guide from start to finish of each project, it will help a team to understand the ultimate goal and the way to reach it.


Now it becomes much more easy to see the relationships between activities and tasks, their priority and performance. Keep your roadmap always up-to-date, and your team will never fail to present new features and improvements of your product to the market in due time. With a roadmap, you will save hours or even days on planning the sequence of works, adding new features, and customizing your plan to showcase it to your customers or stakeholders.


Plan your educational program for one, three or five years, and track your progress with a roadmap. It will serve you as a form of assurance that you are keeping your course, and steadily approaching the long-cherished goal - graduation. In case, you are not sure about your program, share the document with your professor to discuss it, and easily make amendments if needed.

Personal life

Getting ready for a marathon next year? Then your training program should be thoroughly planned out. Or, maybe you decide to write a fiction novel? This means that you need a high-quality tool to consider all the necessary aspects of your story. A roadmap will serve all your personal needs. It allows you to visualize the start and finish of your plan at once, and accurately track the performance of each scheduled work.

Why Roadmap Planner?

Roadmap Planner will become an all-in-one solution for you, replacing a great number of other tools, such as notepads, spreadsheets, email and sharing services. This planning software will meet your needs in all spheres of your private and business life.

With Roadmap Planner, you will be able to:

  • Collaborate with your team
  • Work with your documents both offline and online
  • Synchronize the data through all your devices
  • Present your vision to stakeholders and customers in a visually appealing way
  • Track the performance of each task
  • Instantly update your plan
  • Accurately manage multiple projects
  • Improve the overall workflow of your company
  • Customize your document for different audience
  • Successfully reach your goals

Important: To always stay competitive and relevant, we recommend you to regularly, at least every 4 weeks, review and update your roadmap, according to the current market conditions.

The way of making each your step visual

Visualize your strategy, unify your team around a shared goal, and be ready for an unstoppable movement towards your objectives with Roadmap Planner.

Roadmap Planner will show you the right route to your target destination.

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