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Roadmap Planner is now part of Goals by KeepSolid
Build Strategy Roadmaps Smarter | Faster | Together | on Any Device

Usually, you will have to overcome a long and tough way before your strategic goals are accomplished. A great number of activities that need to be performed will take a lot of your resources, including time, focus, and memory. It seems to be a true challenge for you to succeed and reach your objective. However, Roadmap Planner will make this process much easier and more transparent.

No more wasting time on vain attempts to manage data in spreadsheets and sticky notes. Roadmap Planner is a feature-rich tool that will save your time and often nerves, as it allows you to consider all your works in one document, ensuring that no one important step will be missed. Keep reading and learn more on how this smart utility will help you.

Roadmap Planner is a versatile software that lets you instantly map out your business through the years.

Get started instantly

Roadmap Planner is the ultimate offline and online solution that allows you to create an actionable agile roadmap in 1-2-3, and accurately support the entire lifecycle of your projects. You do not need to stop developing a strategy for your company, or prioritizing new features for your product while on the go. Simply synchronize your documents through all your devices, and keep working anytime and anywhere. Thanks to a structured approach to work, based on the Gantt and Outline views, the app will help you to see exactly where your project stands, monitor the performance of each task, and forecast the cost and duration for further works.

Collaborate with your team

It is very important for the product success to involve your team in the decision-making process. Understanding the bigger picture, your colleagues may offer a better solution, or just slightly amend the steps that are needed to reach your objectives. In either case, together you will greatly contribute to the common cause, and make your strategic goal closer to become a reality. With Roadmap Planner, you can start collaborating on your roadmap just in a few clicks. Share your vision with your team and effectively collaborate on a project, accurately tracking the progress of each work and promoting new ideas to real goals.

Update your plan on-the-fly

This smart utility has an easy-to-use user interface that helps you instantly amend your document during the meeting or on-the-go. Now you are able to constantly keep your plan up-to-date, and always be competitive. Moreover, you can mark the tasks with the related pictures to make a search process easier and quicker. Or you can add notes to your projects to later recall thoughts you had at the beginning of your planning process. If you are not sure about the priority of some features and user feedback implementation, use a backlog option and you will never miss any important point.

Roadmap Planner is one of the best planning solutions on the market

This software will serve you as a reliable helping hand at every step of your way to success. Whether you need to analyze your target customers, plan marketing, ad and sales campaigns, or evaluate the profit, this utility is right here for you.

Roadmap Planner is definitely worth a shot.

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