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There are times when the speed-to-market of a team is decreasing and the motivation is almost gone, when departments can hardly find a good balance between quality and customer service while developing sought-for products. As a result, the progress of an entire organization slows down. If this scenario is familiar to you, this is the right time to change your internal communication strategy.

Here are a few approaches that will help you to effectively keep employees focused on the strategic goals, and encourage behaviors to advance your strategy and improve your results.

Set clear goals

The first step is to ensure that your goals are well-defined, relevant and unambiguous. Use a SMART method as an assistant to clearly set your objectives. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic and Time. For instance, instead of "Improve product quality," put it this way “Fix all the detected issues with the overall stability and performance of a product by the end of this year.”

Keep the message simple to understand

Once you have clearly articulated your strategic goals, your next step is to communicate them effectively to your team. Make your message simple, inspiring, and linked to your purpose so it can become a tool that will help employees to easily understand the strategic direction, and concentrate their day-to-day efforts with the aspiration of the company.

Maintain an ongoing dialogue

Never stop collaborating with your team. Of course, it is you who are responsible for setting goals, but it is the team that has to implement them. Remember, communication is always a two-way process. Involve your team in the goal setting process. This is the best way to get your employees’ feedback, and assure that they accept your goals and will do their best to reach them.

Framework to map out and share your strategy

Goals are often communicated at the start of a project. However, as project teams have to do their regular work, it is easy for them to get sidetracked and lose focus. That is why you need a high-quality tool that will serve your team as a guidance towards the final destination, enabling them to view it anytime they want to check the sequence of tasks or if there is any updates. It is as important and makes as much of a statement as the content itself.

Roadmap Planner is just what you need. This top-notch planning software will help you to instantly deliver your strategic vision with milestones and specific steps to your employees giving them something they can get their teeth into.

Roadmap Planner terrifically increases chances to get winning results for your organization.

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