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How to plan your first race?

Getting ready for your first marathon and not sure whether you have enough potential to successfully accomplish this ambitious goal? Then you definitely need a well-developed plan to accurately evaluate all important points that are required to get the winning results. Not only your regular running routine, but also your lifestyle should be changed. Hence, you need at least a year to get ready for the race. Roadmap Planner is a perfect tool to guide you on this complicated path to conquer your first 26.2 miles. This easy-to-use and smart application offers a number of useful features to structure your training plan, and mark all the important steps along your way.

Races are more fun and more welcoming than newbies usually think, and the main reason for this is the comprehensive preparation well in advance. Roadmap Planner will provide you with a unique opportunity to develop your optimal training plan that perfectly suits your fitness, experience, and goals.

Start with a big picture

The most important thing that you can do at the beginning of your marathon planning is to step back from the daily perspective of training and view the big picture. To achieve success, it is essential to think of your race as a long-term project. Therefore, to see improvements along the way, you should start with a macro approach to your training plan. Roadmap Planner will help you to reflect this process in a simple roadmap with certain milestones on your way. This roadmap will allow you to control achievements during your trainings, and mark the accomplished steps to be focused only on the current ones that are still necessary to reach your big goal.

Proceed with a structured timeline

When the broad picture of your training plan is formed, it is time to specify your activities during the whole training cycle. At this step, you can easily add certain steps to your training roadmap, as well as use interactive and visual timeline system based on Gantt chart to accurately prioritize your tasks. With Roadmap Planner, you can add milestones to help you accurately track the progress of each stage along the training path. You may also share your roadmap with people who are on the same way to discuss your results, and instantly amend your plan if necessary.

Achieve your goal and evaluate results

When the important day approaches, you can clearly see what has been already accomplished, and evaluate your strength for the race. In spite of your strong preparation, you can never be sure about the final success. A marathon is still a marathon, and it is a challenge that will teach you a lot about yourself along the way. Nevertheless, after the completion of the marathon, regardless of its result, you can easily get back to your training plan and update it according to your future goals. It is very likely that this marathon was the first, but not the last. Roadmap Planner is here and ready to guide you through your future training plans.

Develop your perfect marathon training program with Roadmap Planner. Download the app right away, and get the winning results.

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