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Roadmap Planner. One tool handles a great deal of tasks

One tool handles a great deal of tasks

A strong and involved Product Owner is a crucial factor for a project success. He is responsible for a product lifecycle management that includes, but is not limited to, elaborating user stories, prioritizing them, defining time to market, and creating the product roadmap based on a strategy.

A Product Owner is responsible for the project management on the macro level, i.e. focuses on the big picture. He knows why the product is building, for whom, and what problem it is going to solve. In other words, PO is the owner of the product vision. Answering the question ‘why’, he creates a list of the acceptance criteria for the product.

For this purpose, it is essential to have a live document to keep a plan current, update it on-the-fly during meetings, and instantly react to any changes that may occur all along the way to the goals achievement. With Roadmap Planner, it is not an issue at all. The simplicity of use will help PO to overview the whole project at once, easily maintain all the related processes, and be well on the way to success.

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It doesn't matter what you do, it matters Why you do it. Knowing your Why, will give you the direction to the success, and the ability to repeat it over and over. Jobs and Woz were not the only people taking part in the digital revolution, and they were not the only smart guys in the business. In fact, they didn’t know much about business at all. What made Apple special, by the way they still continue to maintain this status, was their ability to successfully challenge conventional thinking within the computer industry, the mobile phone industry and the broader entertainment industry. The reason is simple. Apple inspires. Apple starts with Why. And what about you? Do you know your Why? Can you inspire others, huh?

Roadmap Planner. Agile world requires prompt actions

Agile world requires prompt actions

If you are a Product Owner, you need to consider thousands of ideas and wishes from customers or stakeholders for new features, and decide the right sequencing of their realization. Moreover, a constant market research is crucial to duly make changes to your plan or strategy. The key here is that you need to perform all these responsibilities at the same time. Seems like “mission impossible,” right?

Roadmap Planner is just the right utility to piece together all these parts. This software tool is the best solution for you to seamlessly develop product roadmaps for each engaged party. Using the backlog option, you can rank and prioritize ideas for improvements from anyone involved.

Roadmap Planner. Backlog - is your guide for further steps

Backlog - is your guide for further steps

Backlog grooming is one of the main responsibilities of the Product Owner. This process includes prioritization, estimating, and splitting numerous tasks and works that your team needs to perform. Roadmap Planner will help you to cope with this great challenge.

Our planning solution offers a backlog feature that will simplify the process of managing an endless queue of ideas and wishes from customers or stakeholders for further development of the product. It gives you a vision in what order your team needs to build new features, and helps to decide in what cases you should say “No”.

Some stories are critically important, others are just bonus features, and can take from just a few hours to couple of months to implement. With Roadmap Planner you will be able to properly decide the sequencing of the works, or re-think the priorities if it is required.

Roadmap Planner. Keep your course with roadmap planner

Keep your course with roadmap planner

How do you know you are moving towards your goals and overall making progress?

Even though, this is a guessing game where you need to choose whether to build a right thing, or to build the thing right, or you decide that the speed of implementing new features matters more, Roadmap Planner is your backbone to clearly understand where you are now and where you need to move.

You can approach the planning process casually, and start works with curiosity and ambition, finding the best way to the end product by trial and error. However, you should bear in mind that when money and reputation is at stake, casual approaches are risky.

Instantly develop a strategy, and get all concerned parties aligned with Roadmap Planner. Give it a try right away.

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