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Team collaboration in digital world

Today, more and more companies employ virtual teams. This can dent the ability to keep in touch with team members at any time. Hence, the effective collaboration on different projects in real time becomes the key challenge for the modern enterprises. Roadmap Planner meets this challenge through the top-notch Collaboration feature, helping key stakeholders continue cooperative work on strategic tasks regardless of their location. As a consequence, the strategic roadmap is always in focus, and if any changes or comments are applied, all the involved parties will instantly see them and act accordingly.

Main challenges virtual teams may face

  • Sharing the information proactively – To effectively work on the projects, all team members should be on the same page. They have to have access to the projects in real time, and inform colleagues about any changes required for the current project.
  • Updating the strategic roadmap – To complete the required strategic goal, team members have to actualize the strategic roadmap in real time, and make corrections to the existing plan in case of necessity.
  • Tracking the progress of the current projects – The proper control of the accomplished project’s steps is essential for further movement in the right strategic direction.
  • Secure sharing of the strategic ideas – The access to the company’s data should be restricted to the unauthorized users. Secure sharing of the strategic ideas – the access to the company’s data should be restricted to the unauthorized users.

Make your collaboration effective with Roadmap Planner

Collaboration feature of this productivity app helps to meet all the described challenges in an easy and effective way:

  • Create one document for everyone involved – With Roadmap Planner the project owner can easily share his roadmap with the key stakeholders and provide them a real time access to the project’s information. In such a way, all the participants know what is most important to work on right now and what are the next steps to take.
  • Make your strategy accessible – All the necessary information on the strategic vision and important projects can be easily shared with all team members. As a result, the risks of the project’s failure are mitigated through the clear understanding of the set works sequence.
  • Actualize strategic direction in real time – Each team member can add important information to the strategic roadmap on-the-go, and get a quick feedback from his executives and colleagues. A CEO can also introduce various updates to the current strategy, according to the changes in the market environment, availability of budget funds, and proper allocation of resources.
  • Protect your information – Roadmap Planner ensures the secure sharing of your strategic roadmap, as all the information is stored on the servers with the highest level of encryption. Thus, all great ideas are protected from any unauthorized third party.

Get Roadmap Planner today, and try all the benefits of the Collaboration feature for yourself.

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