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Get a valuable feedback on your educational plan

Planning of your educational process is essential for the effectiveness of your studies and for the achievement of your long-term career goals. With Roadmap Planner, a top-notch planning software, any student is able not only to successfully construct his educational plan, but also collaborate on it with his classmates. The typical educational plan includes a number of projects, which can be shared with other students for discussion and commenting. It is very important to get insightful feedback on your educational plan, as well as to work productively on the joint projects with your classmates.

How Roadmap Planner helps to enrich your educational program?

Roadmap Planner is a well-developed tool with an intuitive user interface that will help you to involve other students into your educational plan. You can successfully collaborate with them on different projects and common processes. This will help you to accurately complete tasks and smoothly achieve the goals of your projects. Each of your classmates can add his ideas through the backlog feature, which allows creating a prioritized list of tasks that can be easily included in your roadmap after the discussion with all team members. Moreover, you can share only some of your projects with the classmates. Simply select the necessary projects, export them to a PDF, image, or outline, and present it to a person, who is involved in this part of your roadmap.

Ensure the security of your educational plan

With Roadmap Planner, you can stay assured that your educational plan is safe and intact, as all the information is stored on the secure servers with the highest level of encryption, AES 256-bit. As a consequence, your roadmaps are strongly protected from any unauthorized third party. Moreover, this productivity app allows you to keep all your data at hand. You can easily proceed with your educational planning at any time and at any place with just one click. At the same time, the classmates, who have access to your roadmaps, can easily add some notes and recommendations to your plan, which will raise the effectiveness of the whole process.

Discuss your educational plan and get more benefits

Collaboration feature of this productivity app helps to meet all the described challenges in an easy and effective way:

  • Discuss your educational plan with your classmates, and gain valuable feedback, which can enrich its effectiveness
  • Work on the joint projects during your studies, and share them with your classmates at any time
  • Protect your data through the secure sharing of your roadmap
  • Actively exchange ideas on your educational process, and add them to your roadmap through the backlog feature
  • Share specific projects or entire educational plan with your classmates according to your goals

Increase the effectiveness of your educational journey today. Download Roadmap Planner with just one click, and enjoy all its top-notch features for absolutely FREE during the 21-day trial period.

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