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Plan your educational journey in the most efficient way

When you are starting your education in high school, college or university, a well-organized roadmap of your program plays an important role. A learning process may contain a series of training events that are recommended to be mapped out to ensure you will never miss any important step or milestone.

Another big advantage of an educational roadmap is that it helps to build a foundation for the whole curriculum, including different educational disciplines and projects, enabling you to track and assess your progress. In this respect, accurate scheduling of your educational process is a key to success. Roadmap Planner offers a unique opportunity to provide a comprehensive plan of your studies in one clear picture.

Develop your educational timeline, and mark key dates along the way

When planning an educational process, besides laying out the tasks that will take you from beginning to end, you will also have to mark important dates along the way. Milestones are the perfect solution to easily carry this out. It is a top-notch feature that allows you to stay on track of your educational strategy, and improve your timeline to more accurately accomplish the tasks.

Milestones are also necessary for the effective cooperation with your classmates on various projects. Now each team member can monitor how much work remains to be done before the nearest deadlines, and allocate resources accordingly. Roadmap Planner is equipped with an interactive timeline system, based on the Gantt chart. It will help you to seamlessly schedule your educational timeline, properly set milestones, and view the progress of each task in one document.

Keep track of your progress

Tracking of your project’s progress can be beneficial for the regular assessment of your educational goals and for the monitoring of your achievements on the way to success. Moreover, this will help you and your classmates to keep sight of:

  • Key dates – Mark significant stages of your studies, meetings with members of the project team, dates of the exams or course paper submission, etc.
  • Deadlines - They will reflect when a section of tasks has to be completed. Now you can easily see what is coming next, and plan your actions accordingly.
  • External dates and deliveries – For instance, it can be a due date for the delivery of important course materials for your studies from the Congress library, or the date when you expect to receive the offer letter from your future university, or the day when your graduation party is scheduled. These key events can influence a start time of other tasks in your project.

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