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Roadmap Planner is now part of Goals by KeepSolid
Build Strategy Roadmaps Smarter | Faster | Together | on Any Device

Avoid being outdated

Making sure that everyone clearly understands your idea can become a real headache. Without a smart planning tool, like Roadmap Planner, you will need to create a lot of documents or separate Excel tabs to show different views and levels of the required information. Then, you will be busy with attaching the relevant documents to an email and adding recipients one-by-one. Maybe it is the right moment to stop wasting your most precious resource, time. Agree?

Easily keep everyone up-to-date

Roadmap Planner will greatly simplify your planning and sharing processes, as well as help you to effectively address all the associated challenges. Whether you want to unite your team around the strategy of the company, or showcase new features that are to be implemented in the product to your target audience, it is now very easy to perform. Roadmap Planner has a variety of features that facilitate roadmap sharing, including Collaboration, Export, and Print features. It is a powerful communication tool that allows you to reach a large audience, and engage more people in the planning process.

Be open and transparent with your customers and partners. Develop a beautiful roadmap and publicly share it. This will help you to keep your audience engaged and always up-to-date with ease. Also, you will show your commitment to continually developing your product, get the priceless feedback to ensure that the team is building what really matters.

Share your documents across all concerned parties with just one click with Roadmap Planner.

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