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Steps that every self-respecting PM should consider

Resource planning is a great challenge for every project manager as it requires a lot of things to consider. In the ever-changing market conditions, you need to be sure that nothing could deflect your purpose. That’s why you have to constantly monitor the quantity and quality of the resources to reach the winning results.

Roadmap Planner will help you make this complex task easier. This feature-rich software allows you to accurately map out your plan, highlight the most important stages, and track the progress. For this purpose, simply set the milestones and mark them with the necessary resources, such as Human Resources, Budget, Materials, or Documents, to concentrate on the result you need to reach.

Human Resources

Team building is one of the most important processes for any project to ensure its success. You have to find the right people and encourage a strong company culture. As a result, you will get a supportive environment that will unite your colleagues around the common goal.


Budget is one more critical component here as it determines the boundaries of any project. Without a thoroughly planned and approved budget, you will not be able to move further than just dreaming of getting closer to the strategic objective. It is also important to have a contingency budget to cover up the unexpected costs.


Select the materials for your innovation project and plan their usage right at the beginning. While tracking the progress towards each milestone, it will be easier for you to timely reallocate some materials in order to meet the deadlines or changing priorities.


Decide and create detailed and fundamental papers required for planning, following up, and finishing your project. Among the most essential documents there are:

  • The business case. This document will clarify the problem that the project is going to solve
  • The statement of work. It is a description of what the project is going to deliver
  • The document that indicates all the functions and tasks of each team member, etc.

Having a well-developed roadmap means more time leading your team and managing the work on the project. Download Roadmap Planner today and try all its top-notch features for yourself.

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