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How to print your document without breaking its structure?

Going to print your roadmap, but not sure that all the details will be correctly reflected on the paper? Well, this may be an issue, but not for Roadmap Planner. The app was developed with a smart print algorithm that accurately splits your documents to pages, without cutting tasks or projects. In case your document contains footnotes and references, they all will be printed out on the last page of your document.

A convenient way to keep everyone focused

With Roadmap Planner, your printed roadmaps will remain well-rounded and attractive to share with stakeholders. Moreover, you can use the plan on a paper as a priceless tool for increasing the productivity of your team. Being busy with their everyday routine, your colleagues may forget the whole picture of the strategic roadmap, and deviate from the chosen course.

To avoid such scenario, you can share the document that displays the required direction of your company with your team members. But it is better to play safe, and have additional ways to keep them focused on the key points. As an option, put copies of your document in a visible place so everyone involved can instantly refresh their memory, and continue working in order to reach the common goal.

Download Roadmap Planner today, and greatly improve the performance of all the departments within your company.

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