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The importance of determining the level of access to information

Do you remember the classic spy movies about James Bond where MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service, gives each agent a different level of access to its database? For instance, if you are an agent of a lower level, you are not permitted to have access to the top secret information.

This approach can be easily applied in business, especially if you use Roadmap Planner. When you share your documents, the app allows you to set a necessary level of access permission for each participant, starting from “Read Only.” As an administrator, you can enable a particular user to change the priority of the projects or tasks, and even include new ideas to the backlog. If necessary, you are able to exclude some of the involved colleagues from the collaboration anytime.

Enjoy a new level of the Presentation Mode

Imagine that you need to make a presentation of your roadmap in the short term to a different audience. Roadmap Planner has a solution. Thanks to its Presenter View feature, it is not necessary to create dozens of roadmaps for all your needs. This productivity tool gives you an opportunity to convert your roadmap into an appealing presentation in one click, and simply choose which part of your document you want to showcase to the participants.

As a result, your meetings will be more dedicated, focused, and productive, saving the most precious resource, time. Moreover, you are able to conceal your plans for the future, in order to protect them from competitors, showing the current status of your works only.

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