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Roadmap Planner is now part of Goals by KeepSolid
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Customized approach is a key to a successful partnership

A well-organized roadmap is the best way to get a common understanding of project development stages and main goals among all stakeholders. It will help you to keep the focus of the audience on the main points of your plan during meetings, and seamlessly reach consensus.

Imagine that you are planning to start collaborating with new partners from a different country or even continent. As a first step of your negotiations, you have to present them your strategic vision. If the roadmap will be displayed in the native language of your potential affiliate, you will show respect and care for them. As a result, this will increase your chances to sign a profitable contract.

More opportunities with Roadmap Planner

Roadmap Planner is a multi-language application that gives you an opportunity to choose the appropriate language for the document presentation. This will serve as a guarantee that all the participants will accurately pick up your message, as the content of your roadmap will be clear for them.

The current version of Roadmap Planner supports following languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. Simply change a preferred language in the System Preferences of your device, and restart the app. Now you can showcase your roadmap in the required language.

Download Roadmap Planner, choose the language that suits you best, and enjoy the game-changing planning process right away.

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