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How to identify the key stages of the project?

Roadmap Planner offers you a new sought-after feature, the Milestones. Now you can mark the important stages of your projects within the timeline, and clearly see the volume of work that is required at each stage to correctly allocate the resources. This is a great opportunity to visualize, schedule, and monitor the progress of the whole project.

Each milestone usually stands for an important meeting, release or update of your product, or a significant world event that can influence your further steps in the market. A milestone by itself does not impact the project duration, but if you failed to meet the first one, you should understand that there is less time left for the next ones.

The main benefits of the milestones

Using milestones you can easily break your projects into small actionable steps. This will help your team to notice the forthcoming deadlines, evaluate the progress of the current works, and more smoothly advance through all the phases of the project straight to its successful completion.

Roadmap Planner allows you to name your milestones, add important notes, and hide completed ones from the document to view the active stages only. Also, you can mark any milestone with the necessary resources, such as Human Resources, Budget, Materials, or Documents. This Resource Planning option will help you to focus your attention on the result you need to reach. Create as many milestones as you need to accurately keep all your projects under control.

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