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The origins of the management breakthrough

The creation and launch of the project is a long and time-consuming process. Since ancient times, humanity has been using a social division of labor to increase the overall efficiency. This approach assumes that each task should be assigned to a particular employee with the specified time for its implementation. Imagine that your project consists of hundreds of tasks and employees. Moreover, what if you have couple of such projects? A real challenge for any executive to perform the same high-level management of all the works, right?

A Gantt chart view can help you with this puzzler. The classic Gantt chart was developed in far 1910 by Henry Laurence Gantt, an American mechanical engineer and management consultant. His chart for more than a hundred years has been the de-facto standard in the theory and practice of project management.

How does it work in today's realities?

Our development team has implemented a visual and interactive timeline system based on Gantt chart in Roadmap Planner. It means that you can easily visualize all tasks and ideas at once, order them in a structure, and establish dependencies between them. You will clearly see how many works are planned for a certain period, and be able to accurately prioritize them to successfully reach your strategic goals.

An additional advantage of Roadmap Planner is that now you can always keep every participant up-to-date. Your team will immediately see all the changes that you have made in the document. Moreover, using this planning software, you will have the opportunity to adequately assess your capabilities, calculate the budget, evaluate the potential risks and benefits.

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