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Roadmap Planner is now part of Goals by KeepSolid
Build Strategy Roadmaps Smarter | Faster | Together | on Any Device

Visualize your project without breaking the logic

Whether you are going to present your strategic plan to a wide audience, or share it with partners and a team, use Roadmap Planner. Thanks to its flexible Timeline, you are able to instantly develop a roadmap, and get the best visualization of your ideas.

A responsive Zoom tool allows you to choose the appropriate time period for a more accurate performance of your data. Now everyone involved in a planning process will clearly understand the priority, duration, possible simultaneities of tasks, and the overall direction of the organization.

Get your plan into action, and track its progress

Roadmap Planner will help you to prevent your projects from getting overwhelming with a messy schedule. It is a well-executed tool that can be configured to display days, months, quarters, and years. This will help to seamlessly make strategic decisions, reschedule works, and assess the required resources. Also, the app allows you to track the progress of the planned activities, keeping in mind your long-term goals reflected in the same document. With Roadmap Planner, you have a great opportunity to manage your projects thoughtfully, and lead your company to success.

Get this top-notch planning app now, and enjoy a clear order and structure of your works.

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