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Think your further steps through

Any project may contain tons of different tasks, which are to be performed at all stages of a particular project, usually, in a nonlinear order. Therefore, when deciding your next step, you have to clearly understand the whole picture of your action plan to get the winning results. It is easily possible with Roadmap Planner.

This planning app will help you to visualize not only your tasks and dependencies between them, but the status of each task as well. Now all stakeholders can accurately track the progress of the whole project, and, if some works are nearly to skip the deadline, reallocate resources accordingly.

A helpful feature for Project Managers

The Completion Status feature can also be useful for Project Managers when they need to prepare a report for their executives. When you are required to specify the completion rate of all your works, simply indicate the value for each right in your roadmap, import the document to a PDF or an image, and attach it to the report. Also, you have an opportunity to hide all the completed items, such as tasks and milestones. This helps to focus only on the future works, and the works that are currently in progress.

It has never been easier to plan the right steps to success.
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