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  • Scopes

    Make the road to success more simple and clear with Scopes. This top-notch feature allows you to organize all your tasks, works, and goals into groups that will indicate definite stages of each project. Keep your focus only on what really matters right now.

  • Resource Planning

    With a thorough resource planning, you will greatly improve the quality of any project. This process is not an easy one, unless you have a top-notch productivity tool like Roadmap Planner. The app allows you to mark all your milestones with the necessary resources, such as Human Resources or Budget, and concentrate on the result you need to reach.

  • Completion Status

    To get the winning results, you have to clearly understand the whole picture of your action plan. With our productivity app, you are able to easily visualize not only your milestones, tasks and dependencies between them, but the status of each work as well. This will give you an opportunity to accurately track the progress of your projects.

  • Milestones

    The best way to keep your projects always on schedule is to break them into smaller actionable steps. Set the necessary milestones within the timeline, and accurately monitor the deadlines. Now you have the power to clearly evaluate where you need to focus your resources in order to proceed in alignment with your plan and successfully achieve strategic goals.

  • Roadmap Planner. Synchronization

    Data Synchronization

    Access your roadmap on all your macOS devices. The sync process is performed through our personal secure servers. This will serve you to ensure that your sensitive information is totally safe, and hidden from the prying eyes.

  • Roadmap Planner. Collaboration


    Share your roadmap with everyone engaged. Being involved in a common process will help the team to accurately complete tasks and smoothly achieve goals. Thanks to the high-grade encryption, unauthorized users will be unable to reach to your company data.

  • Protected storage

    Roadmap Planner accurately takes care of your documents. The app stores them on secure servers, thus, strongly protects from any unauthorized third party. This also ensures that your data will always be on hand. Just sign in to the app, and continue building your strategy anytime and anywhere.

  • Cross-platform

    Coming Soon
    This feature is currently under construction.
    Please check back soon!

  • Outline View

    View the whole document in a layered architecture to focus on its structure without getting lost in the content. Outlines comprise projects, tasks, and dependencies to guide you through key points of your roadmap. This is a very useful tool to check organization, prioritization, and coherence of all items in your document.

  • Roadmap Planner. Gantt chart timeline

    Gantt Chart View

    Roadmap Planner uses a visual and interactive timeline system based on Gantt Chart - the most recognized method of planning projects. It allows you to accurately prioritize, schedule, track progress, and organize your projects into easily manageable units, which means a more refined control.

  • Export & Import

    Easily import and export data with Roadmap Planner. The app allows you to quickly get started by importing outlines to your new document. In case, your roadmaps require amendments, export the current data as an image or outline, and save it so you will always have a record of what has changed.

  • Unlimited Projects

    Roadmap Planner releases you from limits. Create as many projects in one document as you need to consider all strategic initiatives and processes that are necessary to have the whole vision of what your team will be faced with.

  • Share Your Roadmaps

    Be open and transparent with your customers. Develop a beautiful roadmap and publicly share it. This will help you to keep your audience engaged and always up-to-date. Show your commitment to continually developing your product, and you will get the priceless feedback, ensuring that the team is building what really matters.

  • Task Dependency Compliance

    Set dependencies between tasks of different projects. This will allow you to more accurately organize your document, clearly see the sequence of works and the priority of each. It is a helpful tool for teams who are managing cross-project processes.

  • Friendly Interface

    Get started instantly with Roadmap Planner. It is an ultimate offline solution to create your business vision in 1-2-3, and accurately support the entire lifecycle of projects. Develop your company strategy right on the roadmap with our easy-to-use and feature-rich planning software.

  • Easy Data Input

    Now, you can instantly react to any changes that may occur all along the way to your goals’ achievement. With our flexible app, you are able to easily edit your roadmap with just a click of a button. Add a task description and notes, change time frame and duration of the project, and more.

  • Roadmap Planner. Print


    A smart print algorithm splits any document to pages, so your roadmap will not have cut tasks. The document remains well-rounded and attractive to share with partners and colleagues, or save in the PDF format. All your footnotes and references will be printed out on the last page of your document.

  • Work Online & Offline

    Roadmap Planner is an always-available app as it allows you to work on your projects both online and offline. When the network is unavailable, it still remains responsive and enables you to continue your planning process, even if you decide to concentrate your thoughts somewhere in a desert.

  • Roadmap Planner. Wysiwyg technology

    WYSIWYG Mechanism

    “What you see is what you get” is a technique that allows you to see on the screen a form that is closely corresponding to the final result during the process. This is possible when you are moving items from the backlog to the project
, changing the duration of your items
, or making dependencies between tasks.

  • Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts

    Roadmap Planner supports a pretty big list of keyboard shortcuts. These commands will greatly save your time and increase your overall productivity as well. Now you can create a new document, customize it, and make some amendments in a matter of seconds. Check out all the shortcuts that are currently available to you in the top menu bar.

  • Presentation Mode for Projector

    Roadmap Planner is a unique tool to showcase your vision of the company development. It allows you to easily build a strategic roadmap, and present it to the stakeholders in a visually appealing form. With one click of a button, your document will be expanded to the dimensions of a projector screen so that everyone can clearly see the details.

  • Presenter View

    By default, the Presentation Mode shows all the content mentioned in your roadmap. In case, you are not ready to introduce the whole document, use the Presenter View option that allows you to broadcast only selected data. This will change the entire flow of your meetings, as they will become more dedicated, focused, and productive.

  • Flexible Timeline

    Get the best visualization of your roadmap with our flexible timeline. It is a well-executed tool that can be configured to display days, months, quarters, and years. Use a responsive Zoom to choose the appropriate time period for a more accurate performance of your data, and instant understanding of the order, duration, and possible simultaneities of tasks.

  • Roadmap Planner. Backlog

    Backlog Management

    If you have got an idea, but not sure where to add it on your roadmap yet, use the Backlog option. It allows you to create a prioritized list of works to drag and drop them to the project section whenever you are ready. Roadmap Planner is your steadfast weapon against all the memory lapses and mishmashes.

  • Roadmap Planner. Default templates

    Predefined Templates

    Use the predefined templates for the key business processes, like market segmentation or strategic planning, to save your time and standardize the planning process. These are the smart tweaks with useful and editable content suggestions that will help you to instantly develop a roadmap.

  • Roadmap Planner. Parallel timelines

    Parallel Timelines

    If you need to perform several tasks inside one project at the same time, add them parallel to each other in a row, using drag-and-drop technique or the Edit Panel. This will automatically resize the project, so you don’t need to make additional settings for this.

  • Roadmap Planner. Localization


    Roadmap Planner is a multi-language application. The list of currently available languages includes English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. Choose the version that suits you best, and enjoy the game-changing planning process.

  • Drag & Drop

    Now you have the power to clearly evaluate where you need to focus your resources in order to proceed in alignment with your plan, and successfully achieve strategic goals.

  • In App Notifications

    Coming Soon
    This feature is currently under construction.
    Please check back soon!

  • Free Support

    If you need assistance with our productivity application, let our support team help you out. The top-ranked specialists are always here to give the best solution for your needs, and prevent the occurred issue from recurring. Enjoy the improved planning experience with our 24/7 access to the expert assistance.

  • Priority Support

    To our most loyal customers, we offer a Dedicated Support. It is a fast pass to the wait lines. You will be assigned a personal assistant, who will always be at your disposal and will provide you a priority help with any issue you face.

  • Integrations

    Coming Soon
    This feature is currently under construction.
    Please check back soon!

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

    We value our customers and work hard to make your experience with Roadmap Planner the most effective possible. Also, we provide a 21-day free trial for our product to take all its features for a spin and guarantee you a refund during the first 7 days after a purchase, if you are not happy with the app.

*The features marked with PRO are available only in paid subscriptions, starting at $4.17 per month. Learn more