Collaboration in real time

Continue working on the roadmap, collaborating with your team in real time, no matter where you find yourself. Work collaboratively to more accurately display the strategy and improve success.

Presentation mode

Roadmap Planner is the best tool to showcase your vision to customers, team, or stakeholders. Customize your roadmap based on the audience, and present the live data in an appealing way.

Backlog management

Manage your ideas with Backlog. It works like a draft that allows you to view all new features and user stories at once, prioritize them, and promote the ones that respond your course to real tasks.

Easy to create and edit

Our intuitive app gives you the ability to instantly create a roadmap, indicating all the processes required for a specific project. Have some updates? Easily edit your document even while on the go.


Lead your team to the next level with milestones. Marking important dates in your roadmap allows you to focus on the main phases of your project. This will help you to meet schedule and reach goals.

Clear sense of the plan

Roadmap Planner offers you a structured and hierarchical visualization of your document with Gantt chart and Outlines. These tools help you to gain a more refined control and focus on the key points.

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  • Develop your company strategy
  • Share roadmaps with stakeholders
  • Keep your course with the GANTT timeline
  • Get a dedicated support
  • Add as many participants as you want


  • Collaborate with team members online
  • Define your tactics for the market approach
  • Systematize all your goals and ideas
  • Set dependencies between tasks
  • Use predefined templates to save your time


  • Plan your educational program
  • Showcase your program to classmates
  • Rearrange the sequence of tasks
  • Store your desires in the backlog
  • Try the app for free for 21 days


  • Arrange your personal affairs or events
  • Synchronize plans through all your devices
  • Prioritize the list of works to be consistent
  • Instantly make changes to the document
  • View all your forthcoming tasks at once
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Gantt View

Feel as if you are the General controlling the Army with the Gantt view. This feature allows you to maintain the focus on the long-term strategic plans and the forthcoming tasks. With a convenient timeline, you will easily track the dates of further works, and instantly relocate them on the roadmap, using Drag-and-Drop mechanism.

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Outline View

The Outline option is the perfect supplement to the Gantt view. It allows you to easily navigate through the treelike structure of your document, concentrating only on the highlights. For more convenience, you can hide those parts of the tree you are not currently using. Moreover, Roadmap Planner gives you the ability to export your Outlines to later analyse on how your roadmap has changed over the years.

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Roadmap Planner enables you to collaborate with your team in real time to build a winning strategy and develop great products. Just input the KeepSolid ID of a user you want to share the document with, and set the appropriate access right. In case any changes occur in the document, the users will be informed with a notification accordingly.

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When working on a project, you will probably have to deal with lots of user stories, comments, and customer feedbacks. Use Backlog, and you will never miss any important point. It allows you to capture all the ideas in one place and prioritize them. You can create a backlog for each project separately.

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Feel like a leader in ability to change things for the better? Share your voice, and make a meaningful impact on further improvement of Roadmap Planner.

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  • Andy Ridell
    Technical Director

    I’m a recent user to Roadmap Planner and have been impressed with the simplicity of design and features - gantt software in general can become very over complicated for users who don’t need features such as resource management etc.

  • Lisa Jennings

    Product looks wonderful - easy for clients and myself!

  • Johan Basberg
    Game Designer, Gatada Games

    Really nice and clean and efficient. Great job! I have Omni Project, but the simplicity of Roadmap Planner makes it much speedier.

  • Sebastian Pech

    I really like the simplicity and the design of Roadmap Planner. For my use, classic project management and gantt software offered too much functionality. The range of functions from Roadmap Planner almost perfectly fits my needs.

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